True Partners Consulting (Andersen re-born?)

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Great news. My former colleagues from Andersen Chicago have re-grouped to form a new tax & business services firm, which they have called True Partners Consulting. The business is led by the former managing partner of Andersen Chicago, Cary McMillan, plus 25 Andersen staff, including former partners.

Funding comes from the 5 managing directors plus $20 million from the private equity firm Waud Capital Partners. In addition the Illinois Government has pitched in with support worth $900,000.

Initial offices will be in Chicago, New York and LA. Florida will be the next office to open.

I find it interesting that there have not been more start-ups since the Andersen break-up. It is good to see some entrepreneurial guys who are prepared to go it alone in order to preserve their values and style of working.

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