Photo of MacIntyre Hudson’s (Cool) Senior Tax Team

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MacIntyre Hudson’s tax team is going great guns at the moment and they have expanded recently with the hiring of Martin Payne (for more details click). Below is an amusing photo of the senior tax team at the firm, all looking rather dapper:

Back row: Andrew Snowdon; Martin Payne, Bob Trunchion; Patrick King; Nigel May
Front row: Rachel Salter; Victor Dauppe; Marcel Grech-Marguerat; Mike Hayes

The firm is particularly busy in three areas of tax advice:

Tax Planning

Patrick King, Tax Principal says “Many clients appreciate the fact we offer a Principal-led service, which means they can speak to a senior adviser who has the level of expertise they require. All our people have a broad range of knowledge, and are aware of the issues, which mean they don’t miss things – a real challenge with this type of work. As tax legislation becomes more complicated and unwieldy than ever before, the demand for our services continues to grow.”


The team, led by VAT Director Alison Horner, is made up of former HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) staff, which means they have unrivalled knowledge of the subject, and are able to use that experience to help secure the best outcomes for clients. “If clients have got an issue over assessment, or even a penalty, we know how to approach HMRC to best effect,” says Alison. “We have an in-depth knowledge of VAT tribunals and the appeal system, which allows us to undertake what can be a daunting task for our clients. We offer top level VAT experience a very reasonable fee. The friendly, approachable bit is free!”


“HMRC is has become more aggressive than ever in it’s dealings with employers and this is the main reason for the increase in cases involving employment taxes,”explains Employment Taxes Manager David Geldard, who advises employers on compliance issues.

“We are seeing many more appeal cases, as the Revenue enforces the law more and more strictly,” added David. “They have a tax gap to fill and are going after the people that have cash – and that means employers. What the market needs is the ability to fend off the Revenue. We at MacIntyre Hudson, have the ways and means to help businesses do that.

And the beauty of working with MacIntyre Hudson? ‘This is a people business,’ explains David. “We have the technical ability and specialist knowledge, but also the right personalities and approach. Like many of our clients, we are an owner-managed business, and understand the challenges, as we face them ourselves.”

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