Ian Evans announced as Global Head of Tax for Grant Thornton

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David McDonnell, recently re-appointed for a further three years as CEO of Grant Thornton International, has appointed a new global leadership team to respond to the opportunities presented by the changing needs of the global market.

McDonnell commented: “There are a wealth of new market opportunities emerging around the world for our member firms as the global market for accounting services continues to grow and change. These opportunities, I believe, require a new way of working and greater focus on a suite of distinct and discrete service offerings”.

The team, under McDonnell’s chairmanship, will include global heads of four service areas: privately held businesses, tax, assurance and specialist advisory services. These global service heads will support the leadership of member firms in enhancing their ability to service their clients in this rapidly evolving international market.

McDonnell continued: “By focusing attention in a cohesive and consistent manner around the world on four very different service areas, Grant Thornton International will be even better placed to help member firms grow and expand. There is an increased demand for choice in the global accounting market and we aim to respond to this by assisting our member firms in the expansion of their international service offerings to both privately held and public interest organisations”.

The members and roles of the global leadership team are as follows:

Chief executive officer – David McDonnell
Responsible for the leadership of the organisation and for the overall implementation of global strategy and plans.

Chief operating officer – Mike Starr
Responsible for assisting the CEO in the implementation of the strategy across the four main business areas of Grant Thornton International member firms. Also responsible for public policy and risk management matters.

Privately held business services – Alex MacBeath
Responsible for the development and implementation of the organisation’s plans for privately held business services across the member firms in the network.

Assurance services – Ken Sharp
Responsible for developing and implementing plans for the development of the global assurance practices of Grant Thornton International’s member firms.

Specialist advisory services – Scott Barnes
Responsible for the development and implementation of the organisation’s plans for the growth of specialist advisory services business across its member firms.

Tax services – Ian Evans
Responsible for the development and implementation of the organisation’s plans for taxation services across its member firms.

Marketing communications – Jon Geldart
Responsible for the development and implementation of a consistent international brand for Grant Thornton International.

Member firm relations – Gabriel Azedo
Responsible for managing the relationship with the Grant Thornton member firms across the world, for identifying and addressing strategic gaps in coverage and for working with member firms for their future development.

In addition to the above positions, there will be two key advisers to the CEO:-

Chief financial officer – Barry Barber
Responsible for the financial activities of Grant Thornton International.

Legal counsel – Tom Rafter
Responsible for advising Grant Thornton International on legal and risk management matters.

About Grant Thornton International

Grant Thornton International is one of the world’s leading organisations of independently owned and managed accounting and consulting firms providing assurance, tax and specialist advice to independent businesses and their owners. The strength of each local firm is reflected in the quality of our organisation. All Grant Thornton International member firms share a commitment to providing the same high quality service to their clients wherever they choose to do business.

Grant Thornton International is a non-practicing international umbrella organisation and does not deliver services in its own name. Each member and correspondent firm in Grant Thornton International is a separate independent national firm. These firms are not members of one international partnership or otherwise legal partners with each other, nor is any one firm responsible for the services or activities of any other. Each firm governs itself and handles its administrative matters on a local basis.

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