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The Tax Director Network is being launched as a unique forum for Tax Directors to develop and share best practice. The network is independent and is run by the leading management network business, Winmark. Winmark also runs other networks including The CLO Programme for Chief Legal Officers and General Council which now has 197 members.

The Tax Director Network has an online central core at where members can find information and post comments and questions. It will also be an intelligence centre with a portfolio of management and market knowledge including case studies, best practice guides and benchmarking reports. Topical technical updates on relevant issues are sent out to members on a monthly basis and the network provides focused Management and Leadership programmes.

In order to strengthen the community the network organises a number of events with peer and expert speakers including dinners, management events and special interests groups (SIG). SIGs are groups of 6-12 members created to deal with issues brought by the members, covering very specific topics.

John Jeffcock, Chief Executive of Winmark adds:

“The aim of all our networks is to be a pool of consultancy from experienced professionals and for our members to be able to learn from other professionals’ hard work, successes and failures. The professionals in our other networks seem to enjoy the networking aspect as much as the market intelligence.”

Guy Rigby, Director of Tax advisers Chiltern plc comments:

“We are extremely pleased to have been asked to be lead sponsors of this new network, which is dedicated entirely to Directors and Managers with overall responsibility for tax. Whilst technical ability in this area is obviously paramount, this network will offer far more than tax knowledge and training. Apart from the obvious benefits of peer-to-peer networking, there will be a host of management and personal development programmes that will assist the member’s enhancement of their careers, helping them to become ‘best in role'”

For further information, please contact:
John Jeffcock +44(0)20 7605 8008 / 44(0)79 5783 1284
Chief Executive, Winmark Europe

Guy Rigby +44 (0)20 7153 2321
Director, Chiltern plc

Selina Short +44 (0)20 7153 2156
Corporate Communications Manager, Chiltern plc

Chiltern is the UK’s leading independent tax adviser working with corporates, UK and international private clients, public sector bodies and professional advisers on a range of complex tax and related issues.

We support our clients’ global activities through our membership of Taxand, the first global tax alliance of independent and specialist tax firms, and through Moores Rowland International, a worldwide association of independent accountancy, tax and business practices

Winmark has expanded rapidly from a rigorous research background into a management network business. Winmark represents world class best practice in this area and now manages a portfolio of home grown, sponsored and acquired networks, in such diverse fields as CEOs, Tax Directors, General Counsel, Marketing Directors and Chairs of Pension Trustees.

Network members have unrivalled access to know-how leveraging economies of a shared intellect from over 40% of the FTSE 100 and many Fortune companies. Members benefit from peer experiences, proven solutions and rigorous leadership and intelligence programmes. Winmark Intelligence combines the best of management and market intelligence, and the Winmark Leadership model was created specifically for time poor, quick learners who are interested in developing themselves and their teams.

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