Pakistan instructs army to take over Customs Intelligence

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In Aslamabad Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has approved the induction of a major-general as customs intelligence DG, along with a number of army personnel.

More than 24 Havaldars, Subedars, captains, majors, colonels and a major-general will be posted to all important stations in the country where the Directorate General of Customs, Excise and Sales Tax (DGCI) has offices for curbing frauds in tax and duty collection.

The major-general will be head of the entire customs intelligence while the ranks down the ladder will be taking over assignments to do tax intelligence and report on all tax-collecting officials in the country.

A senior government official justified the large military induction on the grounds that the whole gamut of tax business was complex, which required deft handling to remove the notoriety that it previously manifested.

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