Deloitte hires transfer pricing director from HMRC

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Deloitte has hired Richard Coombes from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) as a director in its rapidly expanding UK transfer pricing team.

Richard rejoins Deloitte from HMRC, having enjoyed a five year spell with the firm from 1999 to 2004. At HMRC, Richard created the new role of Large Business Service transfer pricing specialist. He advised on major enquiries, delivered a national programme of training in transfer pricing and supply chain re-engineering, and spearheaded cross-over work between transfer pricing and other tax technical areas such as intangibles planning (Schedule 29 FA 2002). He also gave technical and policy input into debates within HMRC and OECD, including into the Varney Review of Links with Large Business.

Mark Atkinson, head of transfer pricing at Deloitte, said: “Richard brings with him extensive transfer pricing and corporate tax expertise. His background with both HMRC and Deloitte gives him a unique combination of experience and understanding, making him a real asset to both Deloitte and our clients.

“Richard’s appointment adds to the capability and depth of knowledge of our team and underlines Deloitte’s commitment to giving UK businesses access to an unparalleled transfer pricing service.”

Richard Coombes added: “The combination of increasing regulatory demands and the transformation within HMRC, along with rapid business change and growing complexity make transfer pricing an area of prime importance for UK businesses. I am delighted to be joining a talented team which is clearly focused on helping clients address these strategic challenges to achieve real competitive advantage.”

Deloitte’s team comprises over 70 tax experts and economists who can advise on all aspects of transfer pricing and tax aligned supply chain planning. The team has a vast breadth of experience, including professionals with HMRC and industry backgrounds.

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