Smith & Williamson’s Susan Roller Promoted to Associate Tax Director

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Susan Roller has recently been promoted to associate tax director at the accounting and investment management group Smith & Williamson in their Salisbury office.

Susan has worked in Private Client Tax for the last five years and her particular interest is the taxation of non-UK domiciled individuals. In a national development that has international ramifications Susan observed: “The Government has recently issued a consultation document covering a proposed new tax exemption for non-doms who remit funds to the UK with the aim of encouraging them to invest here. At the same time changes to the rules determining whether people are UK tax resident or not have also been announced. I will be covering both these topics at our next Business Breakfast on 27 September.”

Susan Shaw, Head of the Salisbury office, said: “In addition to her UK based clients, Susan Roller has recently concentrated on advising individuals from overseas who have come to live in the UK as well as the trustees of their often complex offshore structures. With the increased focus by HMRC on those holding funds abroad it is essential that advice is taken on UK tax prior to bringing funds to the UK. Also that correct disclosure is made to protect the taxpayer from penalties. I am delighted to welcome Susan Roller to our senior team.”

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