Ince & Co promotes Customs & Excise lawyer, Freddy Desplanques, to partnership

 In Ince & Co

Ince & Co has promoted Freddy Desplanques to the partnership. He is based in Le Havre in France.

Freddy specialises in customs and excise matters. He was the head of the legal department at Customs and Excise Services in Le Havre for eight years before joining Ince in 2007.

Aside from advising on general customs matters for the EU, Freddy has focused on the areas of counterfeit goods, cash declarations and advising Customs Agents on their contracts with clients, particularly in the luxury goods sector. He also advises on the Customs and VAT implications of using large yachts in EU waters whether privately or commercially. His previous experience means he is able to advise clients on how to handle a customs inspection and he maintains good working relationships with French Customs Officers in the Mediterranean for this purpose.

Freddy is frequently invited to speak at events and provides training sessions in both French and English to a number of high profile clients and industry professionals. In addition, Freddy lectures on French Customs law at the business school of Normandy.

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