First female silk in specialist tax chambers, Felicity Cullen QC, moves from Gray’s Inn Tax to Devereux Chambers

 In Devereux Chambers, Gray's inn Chambers

Devereux Chambers has further expanded its team of tax specialists with the arrival of Felicity Cullen QC, formerly of Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers.

She arrives with a balanced practice of contentious and advisory work which spans the full range of commercial tax, property tax and private client work. In recent years she has appeared in many important tax cases including RKW Limited v Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs.

Speaking about Felicity Cullen’s arrival, Timothy Brennan QC, Head of Chambers said ”We are delighted that another distinguished tax practitioner has chosen to join us. Felicity adds yet more strength and depth to our tax specialism. “

Felicity deals with all aspects of revenue law though she is primarily involved in commercial tax, both in an advisory and litigation context. On the advisory side, she has been involved in many large city transactions and is routinely involved in private company and business transactions, such as the recent substantial investment into Greenwich Peninsula by Hong Kong investors.

The disputes side of her practice entails correspondence, settlement negotiations, and other forms of dispute resolution such as mediation, as well as appearances in tribunals and courts. For example, she recently settled a permanent establishment dispute against HMRC involving profits of circa £150 million. She has appeared in many leading tax cases in the courts in recent years and has acted for parties in tax related mediations. She also deals with personal taxation, including capital taxation, again in the giving of advice and assisting with the resolution of disputes.

Other Notable cases include:

RKW Limited v Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs – First-tier Tribunal (Tax) – 30 January 2014
Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs v. Salaried Persons Postal Loans Limited – Chancery Division – 7 April 2006
Salaried Persons Postal Loans Limited v. Commissioners of Revenue and Customs – Special Commissioners – 5 October 2005
John C McBride v. Stephen John Blackburn (HM Inspector of Taxes) – Special Commissioners – 23-25 September 2002
Trustees of British Telecom Pension Scheme & others v. Clark (HMIT) – Court of Appeal – 24 February 2000
A Pardoe (HMIT) v Entergy Power Development Corporation – Chancery Division – 23 February 2000
Clark v. Trustees of British Telecom Pension Scheme & others – Chancery Division – 14 October 1998
Trustees of British Telecom Pension Scheme & others v. Clarke – Special Commissioners – 16 December 1997
Bricom Holdings Limited v I.R.C. – Court of Appeal – 25 July 1997
Vodafone Cellular Ltd v. Shaw (Inspector of Taxes) – Court of Appeal – [1997] STC 734

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