EY China’s Transfer Pricing Leader, Jessica Tien, moves to San Francisco to lead bilateral US/China TP Initiative

 In Ernst Young, EY

Jessica Tien has relocated with EY from Shanghai back to San Francisco, where she spent much of her early career.

Jessica is a highly regarded Transfer Pricing specialist and her articles are regularly published. She leads the Greater China Transfer Pricing practice, comprising around 200 staff across 12 locations in China, HK and Taiwan. Jessica has helped companies in finalizing bilateral APAs in China with Japan, Korea and the U.S. and advised global leading companies in operating in China. She has also supported several global IPOs by China-headquartered companies.

Her new role involves leading EY’s bilateral U.S./China transfer pricing initiative from the perspectives of both countries. Her international tax practice also includes facilitating China-headquartered companies to invest in the Americas and advising the US-headquartered companies in Operating Model Effectiveness (OME) to accomplish tax-efficient operations in Asia Pac.

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