FACTA specialist, Tara Ferris, joins OECD to advise on CRS implementation


The OECD has hired Tara Ferris as a consultant.

Tara joined this month and is based in Paris. She has spent the past 3.5 years as Senior Counsel, Office of Chief Counsel (International) with the IRS in Washington. She was principal draftsperson of the proposed, final, and temporary regulations under section 1471 through 1474 (FATCA) and temporary coordination regulations under chapters 3 and 61. She was also principal draftperson of  FATCA Notice 2013-43, Notice 2014-33, Notice 2013-69 (draft participating Foreign Financial Institution Agreement), Revenue Procedures 2014-13 and 2014-38 (final participating Foreign Financial Institution Agreement), Revenue Procedure 2014-39 (Qualified Intermediary Agreement), and Revenue Procedure 2014-47 (Withholding Foreign Partnership and Withholding Foreign Trust Agreement).

Tara’s new role is to provide technical advice on the implementation of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), including the exploitation of synergies between CRS and FATCA, and the standard for automatic exchange of financial information on tax matters.

Tara started her career with PwC before moving to the US Tax Court. She returned to PwC as a Tax Manager before joining the IRS in August 2011.

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