and the new Global Head of Tax at KPMG is….. Jane McCormick


Tax Grotto confirmed with KPMG’s Global PR team this evening that the Firm’s new Global Head of Tax is Jane McCormick.

Ms McCormick started her tax career with the UK Inland Revenue (now HMRC) and for the last 24 years has worked at KPMG.

Having taken a number of leadership roles within KPMG’s financial services tax practice, Ms McCormick decided upon a change in direction and began to work with a broader range of clients. This lead to her becoming Head of the  UK corporate tax practice for KPMG. In 2012 she was appointed head of the whole Tax and Pensions practice in the UK and late in 2014 she was promoted once again to Head of Tax for the firm’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMA) region. At this time she also became a member of KPMG’s EMA board, as well as the Senior Tax Partner for KPMG in the UK.

For the past 12 months she has driven KPMG’s strategy and response to EU audit reform, capitalising on the opportunity which this has given the firm for growth across the EMEA region. She has also taken responsibility for KPMG’s professional conduct in tax and led the Firm’s engagement with government, HMRC, professional bodies and clients.

Her EMA replacement has not yet been announced, but Tax Grotto is betting that Karen Briggs gets the job.

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