Grant Thornton promotes 23 senior tax professionals in the US

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Grant Thornton LLP admitted 32 new partners and principals, and promoted 29 to managing director on 1st August. Of those 61 people, 23 are in the tax service line. Please find a listing of names below: 

Wendy Rotz Managing Director District of Columbia

Dustin Stamper Managing Director District of Columbia

Justin Ferguson Managing Director Metro DC

Nola Showers Managing Director Philadelphia

Rebekah Feather Partner Dallas

Tracy Hennesy Partner Houston

Cassie Melebeck Managing Director Houston

Amanda Richardson Partner Kansas City

David Cavin Principal Chicago

Jeff Cook Managing Director Chicago

Jesica Speer Principal Chicago

Michelle Weber Partner Milwaukee

Renee Reynolds Managing Director Southfield

Allen Brandsdorfer Principal New York

Richard Tonge Principal New York

Veronica Caputo Managing Director Atlanta

Tim Gallagher Partner Charlotte

Chris Summer Managing Director Charlotte

Eric Coombs Partner Fort Lauderdale

Kevin Hinton Partner Portland

Melanie Krygier Principal San Francisco

Jeff White Partner San Francisco

David Murdock Managing Director San Jose


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