Eddie Reijners joins Innovate Tax

 In Innovate Tax

Innovate Tax has announced the appointment of Eddie Reijners. 

Reijners will focus on the development of a new sister division to run alongside Innovate Tax’s existing Oracle eBTax operation, under the anticipated name of ‘Innovate Tax Tech Advisory and Procurement’. The diversification aims to advance new opportunities for Innovate Tax through its diligence on entry to the market – in competing for tax projects that are regulating on any software – whilst avoiding disruption to the current Oracle focused team.

Eddie has over 25 years’ experience, predominantly within tax technology, making him uniquely qualified to spearhead this new business venture. His background also includes Oracle and SAP, as well as vast 3rd party tax engine practice, most notably the Thomson Reuters ‘OneSource’ tax engine – in which Eddie was heavily involved in the technical development.

On joining Innovate Tax, Reijners said:

“Whilst working at GE I got to know Andrew and was very impressed by Innovate’s solution for Oracle. Innovate Tax’s impressive deployment methodology and post-install support was appealing for a multi-national conglomerate such as GE, as it focused on the best indirect tax solution for us and the benefit to GE’s Tax team.

This client-centric approach was a refreshing outlook, and one I am very much interested in being a part of now that I have joined the Innovate team.”

On the future of tax technology, Reijners feels optimistic:

“Technology has come a long way since I started in IT in 1994, when still working on greenscreens, phone with wires, modems that beeped! I see a very bright future for tax technology, with companies realising they need more control on their tax frameworks and to have the ability to quickly adopt new legislations, or the need to move quickly into new economic territories. For that reason – and many more besides – it’s very important for businesses to invest in a solid, controllable tax technology solution.”

Andrew Bohnet, founder and managing director of Innovate Tax, said of Reijner’s appointment:

“With Eddie joining the team, it allows us to move forward from just being known as the Oracle ERP tax experts and allows us to work across all ERP solutions and 3rd party tax engines’ offerings.”

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