Ross Morris moves from Thomson Reuters to Cordiance

 In Cordiance, Thomson Reuters

Cordiance, the developer of Modios, an intelligent robotic implementation solution for ONESOURCE, has announced the hiring of Thomson Reuters former head of Indirect Tax Alliances and Partnerships. Ross Morris is joining Cordiance as Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships. Morris will be responsible for business development at Cordiance.

“I’m thrilled to be joining Cordiance”, said Morris, “and looking forward to helping one of the most innovative and disruptive tax technology startups in the industry drive even more marketplace success.”

Morris has a long history of working with startups and innovators and a proven track record in building highly-successful, trust-based relationships and partnerships for Thomson Reuters and Sabrixa tax technology disruptor, acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2009.

“Adding recognized business leaders like Ross, is going to make an enormous difference to our business”, said Stephen James, CEO and co-founder of Cordiance. “Ross brings a wealth of experience, an unparalleled knowledge of the indirect tax technology industry and tremendous insight into how businesses like ours can develop the kinds of technologies and services that will resonate in the marketplace.”

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