Roger Bindschedler joins SDLT Compass

 In SDLT Compass

SDLT Compass, a new technology for the legal and property sector designed to help calculate stamp duty to a previously unachievable level of accuracy, is joined by Roger Bindschedler as Tax Technical Director and Chair of the Tax Compliance Panel.

His primary responsibility, along with his team, is to review changes in legislation, court decisions and HMRC announcements. This will ensure that the Compass software remains up to date and accurate in analysing transactions to both calculate SDLT (or LTT and LBTT) and to flag the more complex matters which may otherwise be missed. It is at this point that further legal expertise will be called upon to do what the software can’t, therefore still providing full accuracy for clients and customers, and remaining fully indemnified.

In 1998, after 10 years with Customs and Excise, Roger went to practice as a tax lawyer, initially inhouse for KPMG then in various law firms. For many years he acted principally for property clients structuring the acquisition, development and disposal of land, as well as advising on exit strategies and succession planning.

He was a member of the VAT practitioner’s group for 14 years, and has also has been a member of the Stamp Taxes Practitioner’s Group since 2005. There he held a position on the committee for three years, meeting regularly with HMRC’s Stamp Taxes policy team.

Roger Bindschedler comments below:

“I am thrilled to join SDLT Compass. I believe what they are doing for the legal and property industries is not just innovative, but also sorely needed and overdue, and it couldn’t come at a better time. This may be one of the toughest years for the conveyancing industries, and perhaps the property industry as a whole, and SDLT Compass will certainly help relieve some of that pressure they are feeling as the Stamp Duty Holiday comes to a close”.

Chris Ward, CEO of SDLT Compass, comments:

“We are thrilled to be joined by Roger, and he will be a invaluable asset to Compass – ensuring we are up to date and have our fingers fully on the pulse of the property and legal sectors, and the Government policies that impact them.”

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