2 new tax partners at Blick Rothenberg

 In Blick Rothenberg

Blick Rothenberg has announced 2 tax partner promotions:

Annie Hughes has been promoted to Partner in US/UK Private Client. She previously worked for Westleton Drake for eight years before joining Blick Rothenberg’s US/UK team in 2013.

Annie said: “I specialise in providing tax advice to internationally mobile Americans and individuals looking to move to the US. Over 2,200 high net worth individuals moved to the US in 2023. I speak with individuals every week who are being head-hunted or taking their successful UK businesses to the US. Ensuring individuals understand the complexities of the US tax system and structure their affairs efficiently before the move is key.”

Lisa Gray has also been promoted to Partner in US/UK Private Client. She has worked at Blick Rothenberg for over six years and been in the industry for over ten years

Lisa said: “Americans love a trust, and when the settlor or their families move around the world, we see first-hand the impact local tax law can have on a family’s wealth. It is a common misconception that all trusts are used to shelter assets from taxation.”

She added: “In many cases and especially where Americans are involved and live overseas, they often don’t save tax but are instead liable to penal rates of tax, and in some cases double tax! Labour were clear in their manifesto that they will be reviewing the taxation of non-UK trusts and only time will tell how much that will impact our American clients.”

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