If you have over 8 years’ corporate tax experience then you may well be a corporate tax partner. A corporate tax partner has a substantial amount of responsibility, in terms of managing relationships, managing clients and having P&L responsibility . As a corporate tax partner you will be expected to develop and train all staff, and will probably have ownership of a complex client base.

There are two types of tax partners – salaried and equity. Salaried partners are not owners of the accounting or law firm that they work with, they are still employees. However, they are held out as partners because of their technical tax experience and would be able to sign off advice letters, employ staff and bring in new clients. Equity partners have a small ownership of the Firm they work in and usually have to buy-in to become a partner. Typically they borrow money from a bank to fund this buy in, on the basis that they can repay fairly quickly from their equity profit share each year.

The Corporate Tax Director grade and Salaried Tax Partner grade can be interchangeable at some Firms. In both cases there is no liability and no equity share. However, Salaried Tax Partners tend to be involved in some sort of non equity profit share or profit-linked bonus.

Corporate Tax Partner Jobs:

In terms of the the nature of the work, it can comprise managing tax compliance, tax planning, UK tax and international tax. Depending on your employer the role could focus on just UK tax compliance or purely international tax compliance, or a mixture. If you are working in house as a corporate tax senior manager or with a smaller firm then it is likely that the job will be broader. For example it may include R&D tax work, some PAYE or VAT or employment taxes.
Listed below are a selection of corporate tax partner jobs that may be of interest. However, to see a complete list of current vacancies please click on one of the links below:

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