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A personal tax assistant is generally the most junior position within a personal or mixed tax department. The title is primarily used by accountancy firms, although you will find personal (or private client) tax roles at law firms and corporate partnerships.

If you are a graduate applying to study for ACA, ACCA or CTA there is a good chance that you will be working in a personal tax division and Tax Assistant will therefore be your title.

In terms of responsibilities, you will focus on compliance work ie doing tax computations for smaller, less complex clients of the Firm. Your work would be reviewed initially by a Tax Senior, who would mark up any changes required or errors for you to correct. The review of your work the progresses to the Tax Manager and ultimately a Tax Partner or Tax Director.

As a tax assistant your salary will be in the £17,000 to £24,000 bracket. This is a large range but the exact remuneration will depend on what qualifications you have achieved, how many months/years experience you have and the size of the accountancy firm.

There is a slightly different form of personal tax assistant that related to the tax affairs of individuals are are not resident in the country of the tax advisor. These people are called expatriates and an expatriate tax assistant would do the personal tax work for this client. This differs from a personal tax assistant in that you will require knowledge of another tax jurisdiction. Typically this would be US personal tax legislation.

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Below are a selection of tax assistant jobs that may be of interest. This is not a complete list and if you would like to see other tax jobs at assistant level then please visit or click on this link 

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