If you have in excess of 7 years’ personal tax experience then you may be hoping for a promotion to personal tax director. Not every Firm has this grade, in some cases you would go straight from being a personal tax senior manager to a salaried partnership. However, we thought it worth referring to this grade as it is sometimes used as a holding position, pending a partnership role arising. There is not a huge turnover of staff within private client tax teams, so it is common to have to wait some time for a partner role.

A personal tax director will usually operate as a quasi partner and therefore has a substantial amount of responsibility, both in terms of managing and growing a fee base and running a team. As a personal tax director you will be expected to operate as a partner and in many cases you will be the last person signing off letters, fee agreements and the work of junior staff. A personal tax director tends to be under a significant amount of scrutiny as they are usually being assessed for partnership suitability. As a result it can be quite a stressful position until a decision is made one way or another.

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