Personal Tax Senior Jobs

If you are looking for a personal tax senior job then it is likely you are already have 2-3 years’ experience under your belt. These sort of roles exist within the Big 4, Top 10 and almost all independent firms and the clients base you will work on will usually comprise high net worth individuals, owner-managers, company directors and partners.

The role entails the preparation of more complex tax computations and supervising the compliance work for tax assistants. Personal Tax Seniors will often be encouraged to attend client meetings with partners, usually to take notes of the meeting and gain a better understanding of the client’s business.

The terms tax senior is only really used by accountancy firms. If you are wanting to work in house for a partnership or a law firm then you need to search for tax accountant jobs or tax associate jobs or private client jobs or partnership tax accountant jobs. They all involve personal tax but a tax senior role is generally a compliance job.

Listed below are some of the latest personal tax senior jobs available on the market. This is not a complete list so if you want to browse further please visit or or click on this link

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