IRS appoints Ng as Commissioner of LMSB Division


The Internal Revenue Service has announced that Frank Y. Ng will take over as Commissioner of the LMSB Division, following the October retirement of current Commissioner Deborah M. Nolan.

LMSB oversees administering taxes for the largest corporations and partnership entities in the United States, covering businesses with assets of more than $10 million. LMSB serves 84,000 taxpayers and related entities with a combined annual tax liability approaching $200 billion.

Ng (who has servied with the IRS for 34 years) currently works as the Deputy Commissioner (International) for LMSB, where he is responsible for international service and compliance activities. He also serves as the U.S. Competent Authority responsible for tax treaty administration. Previously, he served as LMSB’s Industry Director for Communications, Technology and Media and as the Director and Deputy Director of LMSB’s Pre-filing and Technical Guidance responsible for pre-filing services, abusive corporate tax shelters and technical advisor programs.

Ng’s previous duties included serving as the Revenue Service Representative in Tokyo responsible for all IRS tax administration matters in Japan, Korea, and the Peoples’ Republic of China, and as the Chief, Tax Treaty Division, where he was responsible for competent authority double taxation negotiations, tax treaty interpretation matters and the exchange of information programs.

He began his career as a revenue agent in the Los Angeles District in 1973. He has a degree in accounting from Arizona State University and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Southern California.

Morgante will retire after serving 32 years with the IRS. Prior to becoming W&I Commissioner in June 2005, he served as W&I Deputy Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner of the IRS Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division and Director of Management and Finance for the IRS Small Business / Self-Employed Division.

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