Greg Wiebe, new Global Head of Tax at KPMG


Michael Andrew, Chairman-elect of KPMG International, has announced KPMG’s new leadership team.  As announced in May, Andrew will succeed Timothy Flynn, who will retire as global chairman at the end of September 2011.  Andrew will be based in Hong Kong.

Announced as new KPMG leaders are the following individuals, who will move into their new full-time roles effective by October 1, 2011:

Alan Buckle, Global Deputy Chairman

Alan Buckle has been appointed deputy chairman, KPMG International.  Based in London, he will be primarily responsible for driving execution of KPMG’s global strategy, with an emphasis on market development.  Since 2008, Buckle has been global head of KPMG’s Advisory practice.  With a focus on global expansion and integration, and particular attention on developing markets, he has led the growth of KPMG’s Advisory practice around the globe.

Mark Goodburn, Global Head of Advisory

Mark Goodburn has been named global head of Advisory, KPMG International, succeeding Alan Buckle, effective October 1, 2011.  Goodburn is currently U.S. vice chair of Advisory and

Strategic Investments.  Goodburn also leads Advisory in the Americas region, and serves on the U.S. firm’s Management Committee and KPMG International’s Global Advisory Steering Group. 

He brings extensive experience to his new global role where he will provide leadership to KPMG member firms as they work with organizations globally to provide insights and address pressing business challenges and opportunities.  Goodburn was named one of the top 25 consultants by Consulting magazine.

Greg Wiebe, Global Head of Tax

Greg Wiebe has been named global head of Tax for KPMG International, succeeding Loughlin Hickey, who retired from KPMG.  Wiebe comes to the global role from KPMG in Canada, where he was managing partner of the firm’s Tax practice and a member of KPMG’s Canadian Management Committee as well as KPMG’s International Tax Steering Group.  Wiebe has worked with many of the Canadian firm’s strategic clients across a broad range of industries, and in his global role will support KPMG member firms in meeting the critical needs of clients who are navigating increasingly complex tax regulations.

In a related appointment, Ernst Gröbl has been named to a newly-created position as global deputy of Tax.  Gröbl serves as head of Tax for KPMG in Germany, as well as head of Tax for KPMG Europe LLP (ELLP) and KPMG’s Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMA) region, focusing on major global clients and markets.

Continuing in leadership roles for KPMG International are:

Brian Ambrose, Chief Operating Officer, and Larry Leva, Global Vice Chair – Quality and Risk Management, both from the U.S.; Joachim Schindler, Global Head of Audit, from Germany; and Rachel Campbell, Global Head of People, Performance and Culture, from the U.K.

Regional Leadership

Announced as a new KPMG regional leader is:

Hideyo Uchiyama, Chairman of KPMG in Asia Pacific

Hideyo Uchiyama has been appointed chairman of KPMG in Asia Pacific (ASPAC), succeeding Michael Andrew.  Uchiyama is chairman and CEO of KPMG in Japan and is a member of the KPMG Global Board and Global Executive Team, as well as the Asia Pacific Board.  He has played a key role in shaping KPMG’s strategy in the Asia Pacific region and globally.  Uchiyama is a leading figure in the Japanese business community and has been a member or served as an advisor to a number of Japanese government committees and agencies.

Continuing in regional leadership roles are:

Chee Meng Yap, Chief Operating Officer of KPMG in ASPAC, from Singapore; John Veihmeyer, Chairman, and Shaun Kelly, Chief Operating Officer, of KPMG in the Americas, each from the U.S.; and John Griffith-Jones, Chairman, and Jean-Paul Thill, Chief Executive Officer, of KPMG in EMA, from the U.K. and France respectively.

“Our leadership team combines geographic balance and global perspective with exceptional skills and experience to meet the critical needs of KPMG member firms’ clients,” Michael Andrew said.  “With our 138,000 skilled and motivated people we are focused on making a difference by delivering the highest quality services, with greater insight and innovation, and with the structure and culture to best serve our clients and communities – wherever we operate, whether local, regional or global,” he added.

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