Matt Wilson joins US Tax practice at Collins Barrow

 In Collins Barrow Toronto, KPMG

Collins Barrow Toronto recently appointed Matthew Wilson as the newest member of its US Tax Advisory practice. Matthew works with Canadian businesses to ensure comprehensive corporate planning as they expand into, operate within, or exit the US. He also assists with US personal cross border planning as it relates to US citizens, permanent residents and non-residential aliens.

“With more people doing business in the States, there is a growing need for US tax advisory services,” says Matthew. “The professionals at Collins Barrow work closely with businesses and private individuals to ensure their cross border plans address the challenges associated with international tax laws.”

Matthew brings more than 20 years of US taxation experience to his role as Partner in the US Tax Advisory practice. Matthew has extensive experience with US tax consulting, including M&A planning, cross border inbound and outbound planning, US federal and state compliance and state and local income and sales/use tax issues. A graduate of Bowling Green State University and the University of Toledo, he obtained his MBA and Masters in Tax in 1998, and his US CPA designation (Ohio) in 1991.

  • US corporate and commercial tax consulting, including M&A structuring and corporate planning for Canadian businesses expanding into, operating or exiting the US
  • US tax compliance including corporate, partnership, personal, state & local, and federal and state initiatives to help US taxpayers become compliant with filing and reporting requirements
  • US tax due diligence in connection with business acquisition planning
    US state & local planning including issues associated with income as well as sales/use tax
  • Outbound US tax planning including issues surrounding controlled foreign corporations, Subpart F income inclusions and PFICs
  • US personal cross border planning including issues related to US citizens, permanent residents and non-resident aliens as well as the acquisition of US real estate

“We are proud to have Matthew on board to deepen the extent of in-house US tax expertise available through Collins Barrow,” says Harry Blum, Managing Partner. “As part of our growth strategy, both regionally and nationally, we are breaking with tradition to provide specialty services that aren’t typically available through mid-sized firms. It’s another way that we are adding value for our clients, so they can depend on advice and services from Collins Barrow regardless of where business takes them.”

The move represents an important step in Collins Barrow’s overall strategy to lead the middle market by delivering a wide range of specialized services, which includes US Tax. Prior to joining Matt was a senior tax manager with KPMG in Halifax.


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