Paul Willing leads MBO of Ogier Fiduciary Services and rebrands as Elian

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Paul Willing has led the MBO of Ogier’s Fiduciary arm with an £82 million investment from Electra Partners. Paul Willing said “The significant investment made available to us as a result of Electra Partners’ backing will help us achieve our growth plans. We will invest in our key systems and infrastructure to underpin our high levels of client service and will take advantage of market opportunities as they arise.”

Commenting on the launch of the new brand, Mr Willing stated: “We already provide amongst the highest client service in our industry today but we are determined to do even better and firmly believe that we can with the additional investment now available to us. We want to set the standard that others follow. The launch of Elian harnesses the excitement and enthusiasm everyone shares in our relentless drive to provide the highest levels of client service in our industry.”

Mr. Willing continued: “We have a comprehensive strategy in place for growing our business organically, consolidating our position in core markets. We also have a well-funded acquisition strategy that will further accelerate our growth and we are currently considering a number of significant opportunities. Our acquisition strategy will give us critical mass in important new markets where our clients need our services.”

Elian employs 500 people across 10 offices; the group has delivered 15 years of back-to-back growth since launch as Ogier Fiduciary Services in 1999.
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