Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho resigns from PwC Legal to join Thirty Nine Essex Street

 In dorsey whitney, PwC Legal, Thirty Nine Essex Street

Kelly Stricklin-Coutinho joins Thirty Nine Essex Street this month as a Barriser. Her  practice covers tax (disputes and advisory), EU law and commercial litigation.

Kelly  has extensive experience advising and litigating for multinationals on a wide variety of tax issues. She is experienced in litigating and advising on matters with values ranging from relatively modest sums for individuals and SMEs to cases worth billions of pounds for litigation groups of multinationals.

Prior to joining Chambers, Kelly was a solicitor in the award winning team at Dorsey & Whitney running the FII GLO, the CFC GLO, the Thin Cap GLO, the Loss Relief GLO and the prominent Marks & Spencer (final losses) cases. She has been involved with litigation at every level of tax tribunal, English Court and the CJEU. She has experience of advising on high value tax enquiries for multinationals dealing with cross border and domestic issues. Her tax disputes experience includes claims made under statutory claims procedure, High Court litigation, Judicial Review, and settlements with HMRC.

Her experience includes:

Corporation tax (Patent Box, Dividend tax, Group and Loss Relief, Thin Capitalisation, Debt Cap)
Indirect taxes (Stamp taxes, VAT, Interest)
Environmental taxes (Climate Change Levy, Carbon Price Support, Aggregates Levy, Landfill tax)
International Tax Law and EU Tax Law
Tax Procedure (Operation of the CTSA rules, discovery assessments)
Interim applications and costs in tax disputes
Kelly has an interest in and experience in EU law and International Law. She has advised on a wide range of EU law issues, including the fundamental freedoms, State aid, REACH requirements, E-Money and Payment Services Directives, Capital Requirements Directive. She trained at DG TAXUD of the European Commission.

She has also had experience of a wide range of commercial litigation and advisory matters, including misrepresentation, fraud, winding up, professional negligence and employment. She has a keen interest in financial services issues.


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